State of Business

  • Early in the Coronavirus situation, the supply chain disruption was limited to PCB manufacture in China, which now appears to have stabilised. But suppliers are recommending ensuring forward order books are in place to mitigate against future disruption.
  • Component manufacturers and distributors indicated the possibility of delays, we have seen a handful of related issues on supply, the main issue being the increasing of lead times on new orders, so we would recommend ensuring forward order books are in place.

We are working with our suppliers to ensure that if delays do occur, we know as soon as possible and are able to resource or discuss the potential impact with our customers.


EMS has remained open and operational throughout the situation supporting our customers in the health care industry, with EMS employees being identified as essential workers within the medical supply chain. We have implemented the following to support this.

Start of March

  • Guidelines on hand washing.
  • Additional hand sanitiser.
  • Measures to minimise contact with shared surfaces.
  • Notification of Government and NHS guidelines.


  • All non-business critical visits, visitors and meetings postponed pending updates to Government policies.
  • Any visitors critical to business operations will be screened on the basis of;

o If you have any symptoms related to Coronavirus (COVID-19)
o Have recently come into close contact with someone displaying these symptoms o If you have recently travelled to the UK from somewhere with a higher risk of coronavirus. Or had close contact with someone who has.
o The supplier’s own guidelines (if available) will be reviewed, and where applicable suitable PPE will be worn to protect employees and visitors.

  • Working from home has been implemented, where possible.
  • Guidelines and checks on social distancing were implemented across working areas.
  • Social distancing has been implemented in break areas.
  • We will discuss the need for overtime with our employees as and when required.

11th May Statement Update

As we have been operational throughout, EMS is already in compliance with most of the Government guidelines to ensure workplaces COVID-19 Secure. As part of our commitment to Continuous Improvement we reviewed the guidelines in depth.

11th June Statement Update

As we were operational throughout, EMS was already in compliance with most of the Government guidelines to ensure workplaces were COVID-19 Secure. Since the release of the Government guidelines in May, EMS has conducted a risk assessment to review the policies we already had in place to ensure they were COVID-19 Secure and can confirm EMS is COVID-19 Secure.

As part of our commitment to Continuous Improvement we have from the risk assessment;

  • Notified all employees of the COVID-19 Secure requirements.
  • Reviewed and released new guidelines for business-critical visitors. Non business critical visitors are still suspended.
  • Instigated a one-way system for entrance and exit to the Production area.
  • Invested in a digital signage solution to elevate our communications and utilise the resources provided by Public Health England for digital screens.

All our actions are aimed at minimising the risk to our employees and ensuring continuity of key functions of the business to maintain high-quality on-time deliveries.

If you have any questions concerning this, or EMS can support you in any way, then please do not hesitate to speak to your Sales representative.

Kind Regards

Jonathan Plummer

Managing Director